7mg of klonopin overdose

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7mg of klonopin overdose

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7mg of klonopin overdose

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7mg of klonopin overdose
Contact the patient's doctor for further instructions following the seizure. The doctor may want to examine the patient.
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Talk to your doctor about the need to wear a medical alert pendant or bracelet. There are many products that provide information to health care providers about your medicines and specific condition in case of an emergency.
Sudden withdrawal of this medication may provoke status epilepticus (prolonged, uninterrupted seizure activity), muscle tremors, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps.
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7mg of klonopin overdose
Patients with liver disease or acute narrow angle glaucoma
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If possible, lay the patient on one side to prevent aspiration if vomiting occurs.
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7mg of klonopin overdose
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